Horse Agistment

At Riverview we offer a wide variety of agistment types from large herd paddocks through to private paddocks and stables. Horses are very social animals and we are focused on providing a low stress environment where horses have the opportunity to graze for long periods with other horses.

Riverview consists of 650 acres that is divided into into private paddocks, herd paddocks, large spelling paddocks and our stable complex.

All paddocks have high quality native pastures, have good fences with offset electric wires, good natural shade and self-filling water troughs fed by town water. Our stables have large day paddocks with small her numbers (either 1, 2 or 4 horses only), good ventilation and high quality bedding.

Private Paddocks

We have a small number of private one and two horse paddocks located close to arenas, the barn and all facilities. Our private paddocks are rotationally grazed.

Herd paddocks

Our herd paddocks are well located close to arenas, yards and wash bays and suited to horses that like to be grazed in a herd environment. Our herd paddocks are all rotationally grazed with a partner paddock.

Spelling / retiree paddocks

Our spelling paddocks are suited to horses retired or being spelled. They have native pastures, are rotationally grazed but are not located close to facilities.

riverview farm
riverview farm